About us

Hi, I'm Jessica Bolden creator of Artistry Angel Co. A brand designed to empower you to take action on your beauty and wellness goals. Our digital products are designed to support you in creatively redefining your beauty, self care and self love journey through providing you with the latest information, tools and products with the press of a button.

I began my career in the beauty industry 10 years ago and over that time I have been able to serve and assist hundreds of women in their beauty and self care goals. In the salon I've also incorporated a holistic approach to hair & beauty services, which render longterm benefits. Whether, it pertains to your diet choices, self care practices, hobbies and recreational activities it all matters.

Over the course of my career I've been able to witness so many transformations from the practices in salon to the recommendations I've given to my clients and customers. However, one of the biggest transformations to date has been with myself and I knew the best way for me to authentically share what works was to ensure I practiced what I preached, consistently. From my beauty routine to creating and implementing my own self care story. The foods I eat, the habits and routines I create all play apart in leading a life of fulfillment. It is my desire to continue to share that with each of you through my digital products and services.